About Sarah


Sarah is a finalist for a 2021 Independent Audiobook Award in the Fantasy category. In addition to her Indie work, she has worked with Dreamscape. She is professionally trained in audiobook narration by coaches such as Marguerite Gavin, Johnny Heller, and Emily Lawrence, and is always adding new skills to her repertoire. She is proficient with an American Southern accent and can do many more accents for smaller characters. 

Sarah has had a long love affair with audiobooks and storytelling. She first fell in love with Little Dragon by Jay O’Callahan at age 5 and has been hooked ever since. Sarah has enjoyed performing and telling stories in a variety of settings. Nothing beats working with an author or publisher to bring a book to audio. 

Outside of reading and narrating, you can find her attempting to germinate some new seed, baking (when there’s not a flour shortage due to a pandemic), and dabbling in writing and drawing. Before she was a narrator, she was a licensed forklift driver and literacy specialist. 

She lives in Virginia, grew up in Oklahoma, and a piece of her heart will always be in Colorado.